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Cash or Credit

All of our processing for credit card donations are processed through square. Cash donations are only mailed in the form of a cheque.


It’s better for you and your favourite charities. Canada Helps makes it easy to donate securities, including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, to any charity in Canada.


Fill in our simple cryptocurrency donation form. Indicate the type and amount of cryptocurrency you wish to donate, and provide  some personal information so we can process your donation and issue you a tax receipt.

Carbon Credit

Your donation of cryptocurrency can make a massive difference for Dads Club Canada Foundation. Working with our partner CarbonX, we ensure your donation is carbon neutral by purchasing carbon credits to offset emissions. Plus, you can benefit by receiving a tax receipt for the fair market value of your cryptocurrency.


If you donated certain types of capital property to a registered charity or other qualified donee, you may not have to include in your income any amount of capital gain realized on such gifts. You may be entitled to an inclusion rate of zero on any capital gain realized on such gifts.

Ecological Land Gift Program

Canada’s Ecological Gifts Program provides a way for Canadians with ecologically sensitive land to protect nature and leave a legacy for future generations. Made possible by the terms of the Income Tax Act of Canada and the Quebec Taxation Act, it offers significant tax benefits to landowners who donate land or a partial interest in land to a qualified recipient.

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