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Our Purpose and Principles

For us at Dads Club Canada we believe new adventure is, freedom, and possibility. It is during time spent in the wilderness that we develop a sense of identity, and our experiences during this time in the wilderness is fundamental to this exploration. 

Dads Club Canada allows Fathers and their children to break away from their daily lives and everything that comes along with that. It offers the opportunity to see the world around them with a fresh set of eyes, to pause, live in the moment, have fun, and create lifelong family memories other fathers and children of divorce are missing. We need to return to the wilderness to feel good about ourselves. 

A place to be yourself leads to a blossoming sense of confidence. New opportunities unlock newfound accomplishment. And taking on challenges and overcoming fears opens an eagerness to take on the world. – they cultivate the feeling of being closer to oneself, while connecting with something bigger. 



By setting and achieving goals, fathers and their children are able to build a healthy confidence that will foster a greater respect for themselves and the people around them.


Instilling the added responsibility involved in wilderness travel helps people to work for themselves. This can help create a sense of independence and personal accomplishment.


In working with family and sharing in their hardships and triumphs, one learns compassion, connection and empathy. 


Our wilderness centres will take fathers and their children away from their trumas suffered from separation and divorce in their everyday lives and requires them to live in balance with their surroundings.

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