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is a father of 4 living in Langley, BC. Barry is a residential and commercial realtor as well as a business owner.  Barry is community minded serving on the District Parent Adviser Council in Langley as Vice President for 3 years as well as a Member at Large for PAC's in his community. 

Barry Connerty

is a divorced father of two living in Burnaby, BC. Brennan brings a rare level of professional talent to the foundation. Responsible for corporate and financial contributions his experience in the payment solutions sector is a vital element to the foundations success.

Brennan Tallman

The origin of this foundation is a passion that Kyle cannot wait to share.  Through times of growth, both good and bad and his desire to help others in difficult times show. The separation of family, the cost, the hardship and the dividing of a family unit is something Kyle has experienced first hand. 


Hardship prompted this aspiration and dream to create an environment where fathers and their children can re-unite and build stronger bonds.  The love and passion for his children and his surroundings, his affection with teaching sport, his business acumen, and a naturally caring nature, make Kyle a great leader.  He is looking forward to completing each phase of the five steps ahead to open the Foundation and watch it grow.   Formed from a personal necessity to enjoy a fun, family experience when challenging times are present, the foundation was born. 


Time to unplug, with no one better than Dad, add in the outdoors and some fresh air.  Sounds rewarding– as Kyle’s motto has always been – the great outdoors is the best medicine.  Let’s give others the same pleasure.


Todays world and consumer economy has torn the basic need of the outdoors away from the teaching father. A visit to our foundation of education will disconnect you from pressures of life, needless electronics and restore the faith in nature children need to grow into well rounded environmentally responsible young adults.  MORE: Kyle's Story

Kyle McGauchie

Michelle Meijer

Having being born and raised in beautiful North Vancouver, British Columbia, Michelle has grown up with the mountains, the ocean and lakes to call her home.  The thrill of the outdoors and love of its endless enjoyments makes her comfortable in the environment and proud of what this sought after province in which we live, has to offer. 

As a child of divorced parents herself, Michelle understands the loss, the pain, the feeling of uncertainty of what the future brings.  DDC puts all those emotions at ease and helps navigate those uncertainties

At times I think the child worries for what is going to happen with Dad and if he too will be okay.  They worry more for the parent then themselves.  At DDC, we give both the child and parent reassurance that life will continue on and everything will be okay.  Time heals all wounds and DDC is there to provide some of those bandages 


With a fondness to teach and seeing growth in individuals, Michelle is looking forward to the skills and friendships acquired at Mahood Lake.  Her assistance in running a variety of small business, on both the front end and the back end, has given her the aptitude in managing a multitude of aspects. 


From the day-to-day administration, to client comfort and happiness, safeness and sense of belonging are what Michelle will provide.  Ensuring all family members; those young and old, nervous or scared, elated and overjoyed, will be made to feel they too are part of the foundation, its families, the friendliness and comforts of the Dads Club Canada Foundation

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