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Canadian Centre for Men

and Families British Columbia




Welcome to the Canadian Centre for Men and Families British Columbia!

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families is the nation’s leader in the men’s advocacy and service-delivery space. We seek to promote a culture-wide shift in attitudes such that men are celebrated for the many contributions they make to their families, to their communities, and to Canadian society. We work to serve men navigating challenges with compassion. Our programmes, most of which are free of cost, foster men’s agency and give men a sense of belonging at critical turning points: when navigating separation and divorce, when facing legal proceedings in a system that often treats men unfairly, and when learning to move on with courage and dignity, making better futures for themselves and their families.

CCMF (BC) is the West Coast’s hub for boys, men, fathers and families. We work for a healthy future for men, boys, and their families, by filling critical gaps in men’s services that reduce male suicide, empower fathers undergoing separation and divorce, and help men heal from trauma. We support, empower and advocate for men before, during and after a crisis, in an empowered, courageous, open, inclusive and supportive environment. We believe that when men are supported to live their best lives, everybody benefits: women, children, communities and the culture at large.

Our programs are available to residents all across British Columbia.

Our Programs

  • One-on-One Counselling – Affordable counselling for men living in BC aged 18+

  • Men’s Support Group – Online peer support for men aged 18+. Runs 5 times per week. Drops in welcome.

  • Domestic Abuse Support Group – Online support for men who have experienced abuse or violence in their intimate relationship. 13 week focused programme with a trauma-informed curriculum.

  • Legal Information Clinic – Online information and support for men who are currently navigating the family law system. Volunteer lawyer on hand to answer questions. We do not offer legal representation. Runs every week on Wednesdays, 5-7pm, online.


Canadian Centre for Men and Families Vancouver
Phone: 1-778-819-2949
Mail: 605- 1080 Howe St., Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2T1

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