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When I divorced the most frustrating and stressful times were spent worrying.  I was uneasy and very concerned about money. With excessive worrying, your mind and body go into a downward spiral as I would constantly focus on "what might happen" if I can't afford it. In the midst of excessive worrying, I suffered with high anxiety and some days I would even panic during waking hours. My chronic worries made me feel a sense of dark doom or unrealistic fears that only increased my worries. I wasn't depressed, as every doctor suggested, I was sensitive to the  environment and to the criticism of not having enough money to live or see my children. Chronic worrying  affected my daily life so much that it interfered with my appetite,  relationships, sleep, and job performance. I worried so excessively, I was so anxiety-ridden that I found relief in harmful lifestyle habits.

Supporting myself and never missing a child support payment took a toll on me. Not only financially, but mentally, physically, and emotionally. I never could spend enough time with my children. I really respect the trusting friends who lent me money. My children are both now young adults who visit me often. Through this experience Dads Club Canada was created with the goal of making this transition easier for other fathers going through divorce. "Stop the worrying" Please join us to provide a safe, private and educational environment for struggling fathers and their children.

- Kyle McGauchie


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