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What is Dads Club Canada? 

Dads Club Canada is a small, grass roots, start up newly registered CRA Full Charity Status foundation helping financial strapped fathers see there  children during the truma caused by divorce.

Who Does DCC Help ?

Dads Club Canada supports the fathers and children experiencing divorce allowing time to be together to continue the bond a father provides. 

How Does DCC Help ?

Dads Club Canada helps fathers spend time with their children. We provide the safe space, equipment and environment allowing fathers to relax with their children.

How Did DCC Start ?

The origin of this foundation is a passion that Kyle McGauchie cannot wait to share.  Through times of growth, both good and bad and his desire to help others in difficult times show. The separation of family, the cost, the hardship and the dividing of a family unit is something Kyle has experienced first hand. 

Upcoming Events

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