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Phase I : Dads Club Canada will commence educational trips to local provincial campsites. Fathers and their children can camp and utilize the foundations equipment for free upon application approval and membership. Dads Club Canada will reserve sites online, set up the desired equipment, notify the family of the reservation and greet the family at the site. (Waivers of liability and a campers code of conduct must be signed.)

Optional education classes will be posted and instructors will visit the sites on planned activity days and educate the family. Families who complete the classes are awared certificates of completion for level one, medallion medals for level two and a trophy of completion for level three graduates.


Parks available to families:

  • Golden Ears Park

  • Alison Lake

  • Cat Lake

  • Alouette Lake

  • Stave lake 

Golden Ears Pro.Park.jpeg

PHASE II :  Dads Club Canada while hosting families at local campsites and building memberships, will be looking for a ocean front lot to purchase or lease up Indian Arm. A waterfront retreat to call home for Phase II. Families visiting the lot will be educated on wilderness skills.They will learn how to erect the provided equipment, try a level one campfire class, earn a tent assembly certificate level one or head out and learn how to prawn and crab off the dock for you first lessons on fishing. All the DCC equipment will be stored onsite in a cedar cladded sea container. Crab, prawn, and fishing equipment will be available to those families who register through Dads Club Canada for their saltwater licenses free of charge. 

Glamping 2.PNG

INDIAN ARM  Waterfront boat access with landing dock and glamping sites !


Phase III: Dads Club Canada while operating Phase I and Phase II will be fundraising for a permanent facility in the wilderness. The province of British Columbia has an abundance of properties suitable for the Dads Club of Canada to purchase or lease. We envision Canadian Wilderness Cabins off grid with limited services and tools. Phase III will be close to the city and service the families of the GVRD.




Phase IV: Dads Club Canada while operating our first GVRD wilderness centre will continue to grow. We envision a wilderness centre close to the major five cities of the interior.

Phase V: Dads Club Canada will continue to scale and in Phase V will ultimately open a wilderness land conservation protection area up The Bute Inlet where families and children can continue the traditions of DCC and experience remote wilderness activities on Mount Waddington and beyond!

Mahood 42.png

MAHOOD LAKE Wells Grey Park
Wilderness centre of waterfalls !

Hot Springs, sailing, canoeing, hiking

5 Private Cabins for family 

" Bute Inlet is in a spectacular wilderness setting and is one of the most scenic waterways in the world" Wikipedia

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